Privacy Policy

The Future Innovation Forum strictly obeys the security policy laid down by Future Architect, Inc., the managing company of the forum.

February 22, 2005  Established
March 31, 2017  Latest revision
Yasufumi Kanemaru  Chairman and president
Future Corporation

Future Corporation (hereinafter “Future”) provides IT consulting and other service to contribute to society. Our operations involve the storing of personal information. We remain aware that strictly protecting this information is our social responsibility.
To protect personal and other confidential information, Future pursues the best security system, and institutes a security policy and internal regulations. In particular, the company has developed a personal information management system and thoroughly educates all staff members on it.

  1. Obtaining, using and providing personal information

    When obtaining personal information, we will clarify the purpose of its use and whether the information is to be provided in advance, and we will obtain the consent of the person in charge in an effort to ensure that the information is properly used within the intended scope of use and is not used outside the specified purpose. If the handling of obtained personal information is to be entirely or partly entrusted to a third party, or if the personal information is to be provided to a third party, appropriate entities achieving a satisfactory level of security will be chosen, and appropriate actions will be taken based on a written contract, etc.

  2. Managing personal information

    Future will take reasonable safety measures technically and organizationally to prevent the leakage, loss, damage, or illegal access of personal information provided to the company. In the event of a problem, we will swiftly take corrective measures.

  3. Obeying laws, national guidelines, and other rules

    Concerning the handling of personal information, we comply with laws on the protection of personal information, national guidelines and other rules and guidelines laid down by government bodies, etc.

  4. Continued improvements of the personal information management system

    To properly maintain the protection of personal information, we will continuously review our personal information management system and improve this Statement and other internal regulations.
    Future may revise this Statement. Whenever a revision is made, it will be disclosed on Future’s website.

  5. Handling requests for disclosure and other actions concerning personal information, and reacting to complaints and consultations

    Future will, without delay, respond to any request for the disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of personal information possessed by the company; refusals to allow use or provide such information; and complaints or consultations regarding the handling of personal information unless otherwise required by law, etc.